A lot of time has passed since the first online casino appeared. However, despite the fact that the popularity of such gaming sites is growing, players have no confidence in them. This is due to the large loss rate and very small wins, as many people write about on the Internet. Although this information is far from true. Reviews are mostly written by those players who lose. Those gamblers who won in online casinos write about this ten times less than the losers. Many people ask the question: is it possible to trust online casinos. There is no definite answer to it yet. There are many factors that speak both in favor of the casino and against it. Let’s dwell on the pros and cons in more detail.

For example, there is an opinion that the online casino is really honest, but until a certain point.

That is, while you play and even if you win but not a significant amount, the casino is content with only a mathematical advantage over you and nothing more. If the player begins to win too much, more than the established limit in the casino, then the machines, the programs, begin to throw out obviously losing combinations. Each casino has a different honesty threshold. For those who are larger and the limit of loss is higher, for those who are less known, this amount is much more modest.

It is very difficult to confirm or refute such an opinion. Not a single casino admits such a deception, and players who claim this can neither provide evidence of their innocence, nor elementary complete statistics of all their games. The honesty of the casino is supported by such factors as handing out full gaming statistics to any player, MD5 encryption algorithms and casino audit. An independent analysis of game statistics by the players themselves gives much more information about the honesty of the casino than all other sources. Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to analyze these statistics and draw the right conclusions, so for many people it will be just a set of numbers.

However, only encryption algorithms can truly be trusted. All of them are built, as a rule, on the basis of the characteristics of the hash function, and it is irreversible, therefore it is impossible to crack such an algorithm only if the player’s loss is not laid down in advance. As for the audit, it may turn out to be completely independent, according to the casino, and it’s also easy to hide the income from such an audit, for example, if you pay big winnings to the fake players.

Therefore, at the moment, the main and most reliable criterion of trust in online casinos remains only personal experience. You should regularly play in various online casinos from the list available on the internet. But in addition to the game, you should constantly monitor player reviews, comments and forums in order to know the real state of affairs. If you are looking for some reliable casino, you can try to play at Slotv Club.

How to communicate with casino support

It often happens that something breaks down. It’s about sites. Often, following a link, we can see an inscription like “sorry the service is temporarily down” or “the server is unavailable”. Sometimes it’s just difficult to figure out a site, it’s impossible to find or use any function. In such cases, the most loyal assistant will be the technical support of the site. This also applies to online casino sites.

Online casino sites usually have a player support service and a technical support service. If, for example, you have a question about bonuses, or something is missing from your account, you cannot deposit to your account or withdraw winnings, or you simply cannot figure out how and what to do on the casino website, then you have a direct way to player support service. Usually this service works 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.